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A new type of fundraising for your nonprofit

Our impact-driven community donates cashback earnings to become a sustainable source of funding for your nonprofit.

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100% free for 501(c)(3) nonprofits and their donors

How it works

  • Gain recurring donations to your cause.

    Good Deeds users earn cash back by shopping brands they love. They can automatically donate all (or some) of their cashback earnings to their favorite nonprofits with recurring donations, at no cost to them!

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  • Learn from donor insights

    We offer donor analytics and insights that help nonprofits raise more. Our advanced nonprofit portal comes with donor dashboards, customizable reports, and donation information to help drive your fundraising strategy and donor cultivation.

  • Make fundraising free and easy.

    We know your time is valuable. That's why we made Good Deeds easy to join and use — and, of course, it's free to everyone, including nonprofits. Simply join, customize your nonprofit's profile, share with supporters, and watch the funds roll in. We do not take a cut of your donations — they belong to you.

  • Grow your active supporter base.

    Our technology helps convert your passive supporters, like social followers and email subscribers, into active donors who fundraise for you (at no cost to them) through recurring micro-donations generated from their cash back.

  • Leverage cross-sector partnerships for impact.

    We build bridges between nonprofits and purposeful brands. Brands support the causes their customers care about and promote partnerships with nonprofits to increase social impact.

Trusted by leading nonprofits

Malala FundVOTE.orgThe Bail ProjectDo-Something.orgSave the ChildrenRed Nose DayLeukemia & Lymphoma SocietyPencils of PromiseAfrican Wildlife FoundationIt Gets Better ProjectRefugees InternationalShe's the First

Take your fundraising to the next level

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    Customize your nonprofit's profile

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    Easily engage your supporters using our fundraising tools

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    Watch the funds roll in!

Features to make a bigger impact

Fundraising & Analytics Portal

Your one-stop-shop for all things fundraising with Good Deeds

Donor Reports & Intelligent Dashboards

Customizable reports to learn more about your supporters

Smart Links

Available through the portal, these links auto-select your nonprofit when supporters click and download the app

Collective Fundraising

Groups of your most passionate supporters collectively fundraising for you

Marketing Tools

We provide the tools you need to be successful across all channels in our Fundraising Communications Kit

Secure Payments

Funds are securely disbursed to your nonprofit on a recurring basis

Increased Visibility

When you partner with us, we feature your nonprofit in our app to draw in new supporters

Ongoing Support

Our team has you covered with FAQs, how-to resources, webinars, email, and chat

The impact of community

The more supporters who donate to you on Good Deeds, the more your fundraising revenue grows. Our impact calculator shows how much you can raise as your number of Good Deeds donors grows. Our users automatically donate a select percentage of their cashback earnings (from 25% to 100%).

Good Deeds is 100% free for nonprofits and their donors.

Impact Calculator

Calculate your fundraising potential

Numbers are calculated based on $250 monthly individual spend and an average of 5% cash back

Monthly Revenue


Annual Revenue



Driven by our values

Better business for a better world. Social good is in our ethos. With our Certified B Corp status in the application, we're committed to creating a positive impact for our consumers, partners, and the larger community. Read more about us.

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Good Deeds is free for nonprofit partners and their donors. We look forward to reviewing your application!